3 Steps to follow before making a purchase:

1. Avoid brands that claim to be “Dr. Oz” brands. This is a clear scam indicator because Doctor Oz does not endorse any specific brand names.

2. Avoid supplements that are coming from China. It is not a secret that they are usually of a lower quality and filled with various fillers.

3. Don’t be cheap while buying supplements. It is expensive to product high quality and powerful garcinia cambogia. High quality product should cost at least 50-60 USD. You should choose another supplement if that amount means a lot to you financially.

Brands That I Trust and Recommend to my Patients, Friends and Family:

Verified Garcinia Cambogia (http://verifiedgarciniacambogia.com)

cambogia This is probably one of the oldest and well established brands out there. I’ve personally experienced the power of their brand and also witnessed hundreds of success stories (people losing 9 lbs in their very first week and more). These are the main reason I am so confident recommending it. Unfortunately due to their popularity among dieters they are often out of stock  and sometimes it takes weeks for them to re-stock (the waiting can be very frustrating).


Please note that high quality & verified garcinia cambogia has no proven side effects. Although it is not advisable to use it while nursing or pregnant. Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition.

Garcinia Cambogia – Short History
According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous health and nutrition expert and a T.V host garcinia cambogia is the Holy Grail of weight loss products. With all the health and weight loss benefits it can provide, one can truly say that this particular product has been the talk of the town. The fruit extract of garcinia cambogia has been clinically and scientifically proven to provide fat-burning, appetite controlling, and fat-blocking benefits. Apart from these benefits, it can also offer health benefits. To know more about this product and its benefits, read on and find out more.

The Several Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia 

1. An Effective Weight Loss Supplement

One of the best reasons why a lot of people rely on garcinia cambogia extract is due to the fact that it has the power to help the body shed extra pounds without observed side effects. It helps the body lose weight by acting as a fat blocker. The extract of garcinia cambogia is packed with HCA, also known as Hydroxycitric acid. It is a citric acid byproduct which is known as the main active ingredient of the extract. Garcinia is famous for being a successful weight loss supplement because HCA helps in blocking fat and inhibiting the efforts of a metabolic enzyme called citrate lyase. It is the job of this particular enzyme to convert excess carbohydrates and sugar into cholesterol, triglycerides, and fatty acids. The excess amount shall be stored as fat. When a person takes garcinia cambogia, it interrupts the metabolic process. When this happens, HCA slows down the conversion of the present carbohydrates into fats. Hydroxycitric acid is also helpful in increasing a person’s metabolism.

The Food and Chemical Toxicology conducted a study in 2005. They were able to find out that Garcinia fruit was able to fight the build up of fat in rats. Another study was conducted in 2008 by Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry. They were able to conclude that the extract of garcinia cambogia max could minimize the build up of visceral fat, a particular fat which is found in a person’s abdominal cavity.

2. Can Boost Metabolism 

Metabolism Scheme
Another great thing about this “earths healthiest” supplement is its ability to promote healthy metabolism. The extract of Garcinia has the ability to accelerate the burning of stored fat. Remember that the body’s metabolic process is a series of chemical reactions which causes a state of imbalance in the body. However, with the presence of Hydross becomes more efficient.

3. A Good Appetite Suppressant

One of the main reasons why garcinia cambogia is an effective weight loss product is due to the fact that it serves as a reliable appetite suppressant. The presence of HCA or Hydroxycitric acid in the product is the reason why it can suppress a person’s appetite. One of the things it does is to increase the levels of serotonin in the body. For the information of everyone, serotonin an essential brain chemical which serves as a neurotransmitter. Which means, it is responsible in regulating the various processes which affect a person’s mood and appetite. An increased levels of serotonin in the body can promote weight loss. How does it happen? The elevated amount of serotonin curbs the sugar cravings and appetite of an individual. This is definitely the reason why garcinia cambogia is an effective weight loss product. It can support your weight loss efforts by serving as an effective appetite suppressant.

Moreover, an increased levels of serotonin in the body can also improve your mood. With this, you will be able to avoid depression. In this connection, Garcinia is highly recommended to people who are emotional eaters or those who eat lots of food even if they are not really hungry. Emotional eating is one of the most common causes of obesity and weight gain. Indeed, one can say that taking the product can help in preventing obesity. Due to its weight loss benefits, no wonder, more and more people take the product to achieve a slimmer and healthier body. It must be noted that while taking the product, it would be more beneficial to follow a strict diet and a regular exercise. This is a very important reminder for those who want to lose weight by taking garcinia cambogia. The product is only and more effective if you will follow what experts say. In addition, as you purchase Garcinia supplements, each bottle provides specific instructions and recommended dosage.

4. Can Lower Blood Cholesterol 

Blood Cholesterol Picture

Are you planning to lose weight yet worried about your blood cholesterol? If so, Garcinia is definitely the product for you. Another great benefit you can get from this product is the fact that it can effectively lower the levels of blood cholesterol in the body. Since HCA can effectively stop the enzyme called citrate lyase from converting sugar into fats, the same process can also block the production and storage of fat in the body. When this happens, the amount of lipids in your blood stream is reduced. As a result, it increases the levels of good cholesterol in the body. At the same time, the levels of bad cholesterol are reduced. Apart from this, it can also lower a person’s blood pressure.

The result of a healthy blood pressure and high levels of good cholesterol is a healthy and happy life. This is definitely the reason why the product is recommended to people who have problems with their blood pressure. The best thing is, you can lose weight the natural way without worrying about your cholesterol levels. With this, you will be able to have a peace of mind while maintaining a healthy weight.\\\